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Digital Nano Injector (DNI) or Digital Micro Injector (DMI): The most compact and convenient microinjector in the marking. The injector is controlled by a small precision gear motor with speed control unit. It can inject nanoliter volume solution at either slow infusion or fast injection. It can combine with our micro pipette holder (MPH) or conventional syringes such as Hamilton or SGE.
Multi Channel Injector (MCI): This device cobines three barrels of micromotor units. It is controlled by variable speed controller. It can inject three different solutions. It is especially good for microinjections in brain research. For example, it can inject a control, an agonist and an antagonist into the sample spot while recording the neurons.
Micro Pipette Holder (MGH)

Multi Injection Holder (MIH)

Micro Pipette Holder (MGH) is designed for our microinjector and for other injectors. It has a gas tight seal to make a correct volume injection. It also has a special adapter taht connect glass micropipette and the holder. Unlike pneumatic microinjections, this setting will make use the right volumn injections regardless the tip size  and/or resistance.
Multi Injection Holder (MIH) is used for multi solution injection using a single out glass barrel. There is a inner glass barerel for replacement of different solutions. This unique design keeps single micro tip as used in single barrel pipette. When changing fluid, the inner pipette will be used to pump the new fluid and the side port will be used to drain the old fluid. Close the side port after refreshing the fluid, you can make the microinjection of new solution (see right figure for illustration).