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Microinjection products: Based on more than 20 years of neuroscience research, we developed this series of instruments for microinjections. Unlike similar products on the market, our products are simple, reliable and very easy to use. It can deliver  nano volumes of neuronal tracers or chemical solutions (as small as 5-10 nano liter) to a specific brain area. In addition to microinjection, these products can also be used as a micropositioner. At the moment, single channel digital nano injector, single channel analog nano injector, in vitro nano injector are available for ordering. Three channel nano injectors that are very useful for characterizing the influence of a given drug on single neurons both in vivo and in vitro is under development. 
Other products: Gene transfer needle (top panel) is used for injection of gene products such as plasmid, DNA, RNA etc., followed by electroporation. Un-insulated needle is for injection only. The second panel shows a head exchange used to warm up a solution. It is especially useful for brain slice recording and culture. The third panel demonstrates an gas adaptor that is used for gas anesthetize animals in a stereotaxic frame. It is very simple and convenient, but effective and economical. Lower right panel is a animal collar for restraint of a animal in electrophysiological MWEA recording in chronic awake animals.
Customization: We are well equipped to make customized products for your needs. Our computer controlled 4 and 3 axes super precision milling machines (panels A and B) will make any shape of products with extreme precision. Super precision lathe (panels C and D) will bring your product down to 0.1 um. Variable micropipette pullers (panels E-G) can be used for any tip configuration of your pipettes. The pipette tips will be further processed for tip sharpening, grinding (panel H). All products will be inspected and measured under  a high power digital microscope. In addition, we are a highly specialized small company; we make your product immediately after receiving your order.

Microwire Electrode Array (MWEA) or Microelectrode Array (MEA): MWEA is made of special metal alloy and coated with thin film of polyimide (2-4 um). It has very high resistance to chemical erosion. The high stiffness and specifically sharpened tips make it much easier for penetration and less injury to brain tissue. It can be used for both acute and chronic electrophysiological recording. Its extra high resistance to chemical erosion make it especially valuable for recording neuronal activity in awake, free moving animals for a very long time.
Microsyringes: With our special adaptors, we combine use conventional microsyringes and glass pipette needle for microinjection. These products can be used with our microinjection instruments, stand-alone injection and other microinjection instruments. The top panel of the picture is a microsyringe that can demonstrate injected volume. The mid panel shows one specifically designed for both in vivo and in vitro microinjection. It  includes a barrel, a glass pipette adaptor, a special washer and a cap (shown in lower panel).

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